Jandi Studio is the shared artist studio of Joy Brentwood and Ian Pascoe.

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Joy and Ian live and work (with greyhound Iggy) in beautiful Rhyll on Victoria's Phillip Island, and find that the beauty of the island and its boats and birds and wildlife and plants are constant sources of inspiration for their art. 

The artists work together in a beautiful, light-filled studio behind their house on the Rhyll foreshore. 

Joy enjoys painting art in watercolour, soft pastel, oil pastel and acrylic. Ian prefers fine art drawing in ink, but also paints in watercolour and other media.  

Joy mostly paints landscapes, seascapes, florals and still lifes, while Ian draws and paints birds and other wildlife, boats, seascapes and landscapes.

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Latest News

Central Australia

Spirits of the Chasm, Watercolour on Yupo, 35 x 49 cm, by Joy Brentwood

We visited Central Australia in June this year and came back with heaps of inspiration. This is Joys''painting in Watercolour on Yupo, of Standley Chasm - what a stunning and spritual place!

See Joy's Portfolio for other paintings from Central Australia.

Ian's entry in this year's ClimArt exhibition at ArtSpace Wonthaggi, May 9 - June 18 - Sold

ClimArt is an annual exhibition centred around the challenges of Climate Change in South Gippsland.

Ian's entry is called "The Scheme of Things".  All entries must have an attached statement explaining the meaning of the work in terms of Climate Change.

'The Scheme of Things' is explained by a poem:

'The Scheme of Things'

In the scheme of things

One small, heat-stressed Pardalote

is no big deal

In the scheme of things

A dying bluegum

Is not that remarkable

And in the scheme of things

A burnt stump

Is as common as dirt

And of course, as poor Tony said

An extra degree or two could be good

In the scheme of things

But the scheme of things that matters

Is the interconnecting web of life

In a global ecosystem

Where every pardalote that falls

Could be a symptom …. or a cause